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    Drinking water is essential. We make sure that a sufficient quantity and quality is available to the population. Our experts in various fields will help you to maintain this indispensable foundation of life.


    The quality of drinking water must be impeccable. Today, 60 % of the water is being purified into drinking water. We not only possess in-depth knowledge in single-stage water treatment processes, like chlorination or UV irradiation, but also in complex, multistage processes, like gravel and membrane filtration, ozonization and activated charcoal adsorption. The analysis of water samples is carried out in our own laboratories.


    Reliable monitoring, control and warning systems are necessary to guarantee supply security and efficient processing of today’s high quality demand for potable water. Our process and electrical engineers provide detailed advice on evaluating such systems and the open tendering of plants. We assist you during the implementation, commissioning and optimization of your plants.


    More than 40 % of the potable water provided by public utilities in Switzerland stems from natural springs. For an impeccable drinking water quality, spring water collection systems need professional design. In addition, Swiss legislation demands the definition of protective zones around the collection areas. Our core competences are design, construction and renovation of spring water reservoirs and spring tappings. We also consult constructors in defining their protective zones.


    Reservoirs are the heart of water supply systems. To secure long-term potable water supplies, lines have to be continually renewed and extended. We design, construct and renovate pump pressure, transportation and supply lines. Not only conventional trench construction methods are applied, but also trenchless ones. For pipeline dimensioning, we use the latest EDP-programs.


    The General Water Supply Plan (GWP) offers bench-marks for present and future drinking, industrial and fire fighting water supplies. We show what public water supply should look like in the decades ahead – to do so, we use the newest simulation programs, like hydraulic line calculators. In every field covered by GWP, our engineers and specialists are reliable partners. We support you in developing and implementing quality control systems as well as in conceptualizing water supply emergencies.


    Conveyance and storage are substantial parts of drinking water supply. To guarantee the necessary line pressure for consumer and fire fighting supplies, the water has to be pumped to a higher level and then stored for consumption and fire emergencies. Our services include design, construction and renovation of groundwater filter wells, pumping stations and reservoirs.