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    Every project is unique. We develop individual solutions and construct plants in compliance with your requirements. Our strength is combining innovative and proven processes.


    Whether reconstruction, extension, renovation or a newlyto erect sewage plant – we surely have a suitable solution. Thanks to engineering knowhow and professional competence, we are able to realize cost-efficient and high-quality products. Our wastewater treatment plants meet the latest technological and regulatory requirements and are tailor-made to comply with our customers’ every wish.


    On behalf of local governments, we operate and maintain municipal wastewater treatment plants or support their staff with our expertise, thus freeing the proprietors from all technical and managerial burdens. Partnership is essential and our well-trained, specialized staff operates the plants in goal-directed ways. We guarantee to comply with specified cleaning demands and discharge regulations.


    Our interdisciplinary team reviews exploitation and supports with advice. One of our responsibilities is detecting technical weak points. We improve user-friendliness, staff and plant safety, operational security, redundancies and efficiency. In addition, we offer an overall service ranging from accounting and simulation up to realization and assessment of the measures proposed.


    We identify environmentally adequate and cost-efficient ways of sludge disposal. We project all the steps to be taken, from extraction, dewatering and drying to combustion. We also develop regional and supraregional sludge logistics and disposal concepts.


    In the treatment of municipal wastewater, demanding processes and technologies are being applied. Our in-depth expertise in both established and innovative processes puts us in a strong position to offer future-oriented and effective solutions. With the aid of computer-based dimensioning and simulation calculation, we assess critical operating and loading conditions and generate important findings for best possible applications.