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    For the sustained protection of water, we break new grounds. In cooperation with our clients and interdisciplinary teams, we develop suitable and individual solutions.


    Urban drainage influences the natural water cycle. The General Drainage Plan (GDP) is an optimal instrument for water protection. It guarantees our water bodies clean water in the future through sustainable planning and structural measures. Using the latest techniques, we advise on all aspects of drainage, determine the current water quality, and develop and optimize water-linked targets.

    Integrales Regenwassermanagement

    Die Annäherung der Wasserhaushaltselemente an den natürlichen Wasserhaushalt in versiegelten Gebieten dient der Reduzierung von Schäden durch Hitzestress und Starkniederschlag. Mit integralem Regenwassermanagement können sowohl bestehende Strukturen der Versiegelung und konventionellen Entwässerung aufgebrochen als auch neue Erschließungen von Beginn an nahe dem natürlichen Wasserhaushalt geplant werden. Wir identifizieren mit Ihnen mögliche Standorte zur Umsetzung von Grün-Blau-Grauer Infrastruktur, legen diese für Sie aus und setzen sie mit Ihnen um.


    It is of vital importance that the financial resources of communities and wastewater associations used for operation and maintenance of and investments in drainage systems shall always be guaranteed. Supported by plant accountants and by using the latest model calculation systems, we help you determine your wastewater cost recovery degree. Our experts help you plan investments and advise on tariff rates, thus creating a wastewater regulatory framework to perfectly suit your demands.


    Wastewater systems hydraulics is an important factor. Depending on the prerequisites, we apply static or hydrodynamic calculation methods. Long-time effects are investigated with simulation models using parameters for calculating the influence of perennial rainy seasons on spillways and rainwater basins. Our experienced staff also supports national development and research projects.


    Exact planning and developing optimum solutions for special constructions can greatly improve and expand the existing public networks. For our clients we develop comprehensive solutions and identify possible operational alternatives. Specialized teams, using up-todate calculation methods, design and assess all the measures necessary to ensure flawless network implementation.


    Optimized special systems operations can strongly reduce the negative environmental effects – such as stormwater-induced water pollution – while improving the system as a whole. We analyze the behavior of wastewater systems in connection with the seasonal and regional variability of discharge. You will obtain complete solutions for an optimized pollution load with any type of water. We design and coordinate the installation of all control systems and optimize utilization of available systems.


    Wastewater systems are intensively used and therefore they age rapidly, which makes value conservation and restoration measures an important issue. We provide you with alternative solutions for future systems, taking into account the legal requirements as well as operational safety and efficiency. Our specialists from various technical fields develop the measures necessary for erection, restoration and innovation of plants. They also coordinate and supervise proceedings on the site.