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    Project management and client consulting

    Public tender regulations – Process architects, and specialist planners

    • Schedule and structure planning
    • Formulation of the task
    • Evaluation matrix according to process type
    • Platform handling
    • Supporting negotiations

    Project management according to AHO*  guidelines 1-5

    • Project preparation
    • Planning
    • Preparation of execution
    • Execution
    • Project closure

    * Committee of Engineers and Architects for Honorariams.

    Subsidy consulting

    • Applications
    • Call for funds
    • Proof of use

    Energy management systems according to DIN EN 50001

    • Process consulting
    • Creating operations manuals
    • Procedural documentation
    • Visualization of results
    • Creating databases
    • Certification preparation and support

    Types of projects

    • Swimming and leisure pools
    • Educational establishments
    • Housing construction
    • Accommodation facilities
    • Energy supply plants

    Fire protection

    Appointed external fire safety officer

    • Fire protection inspections
    • Tablet-supported inspection protocols
    • Staff trainings
    • Fire drills
    • Creation of fire protection regulations
    • Monitoring inspection and maintenance
    • Databases for fire protection systems

    Expert/specialist planner for fire protection

    • Fire protection concepts
    • Fire protection certificates
    • Escape and rescue plans
    • Fire-fighting plans
    • Fire inspections

    Planning of structural and technical measures

    • Safety lighting
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Smoke and heat exhaust systems
    • Fire doors
    • Emergency staircases

    Types of projects

    • Accommodation facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Office buildings
    • Residential buildings

    Contaminated site and building pollutant remediation

    Building pollutant register

    • Tablet-supported pollutant surveys for asbestos, KMF, PCB and various other building pollutants
    • Sample collection and co-ordination of lab testing
    • Staff training
    • Mass and quantity determination

    Remediation planning

    • Remediation and disposal concepts
    • Demolition concepts
    • Tendering and coordination of special reports
    • Preparation of service specifications
    • Tender for refurbishment services
    • Construction management

    Types of projects

    • Industrial sites
    • Power plants
    • Residential and office buildings
    • Contaminated soil
    • Architectural monuments

    Health and safety services

    Coordination of health and safety protections

    Preparation of H&S plans

    • Checking compliance with Construction Rules
    • Identification of hazards (object-level or wider)
    • Assignment of workflows
    • Definition and documentation

    H&S planning and construction supervision

    • Risk and exposure analyses for risk assessment
    • Determination of measures for occupational health and safety. Participation in tendering of services
    • Staff training
    • Tablet-supported control inspections
    • Determination of measures in the construction process
    • Basis for later work

    Types of projects

    • Industrial sites
    • Power plants
    • Residential and office buildings