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    Customized SOLUTIONS

    To improve your environmental balance sheet, you can benefit from our experience in optimizing internal production processes. If you need an industrial wastewater treatment plant, we will find suitable solutions.


    Exhaust air must be cleansed from odours, solvents, dust, gases and other substances. There are a wide variety of filter systems and methods available for removing or neutralising these substances. Besides compliance with the regulations, we always consider the economic efficiency of the procedures. We assess the technical aspects and the operational safety of the methods and integrate them into your process with a focus on economic optimisation.


    The composition of industrial wastewater varies widely. For example, food processing, the paper industry, metal refining, cosmetics industry, etc., all pose different specific challenges. So in each case a customised process must be developed to handle the specific pollutants involved. It all begins with a careful analysis so that the right method can be chosen. Sometimes it is enough to install a preliminary treatment stage – then the municipal WWTP can handle all the remaining pollutants. Besides technical support, we also calculate the most economically attractive option for you.


    When there are special requirements, we test the procedures in a laboratory. That allows us to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different processes. In a second step, the best process is tested in a pilot plant. Based on these results we can design the waste water purification plant. Thanks to close cooperation with the Envilab laboratory, we guarantee the right measuring technique and the professional interpretation of the results. Our approach also allows us to adapt existing processes to the customer’s needs.