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    The processes of hydraulic engineering require integral consideration. With our sound understanding of all issues we develop practical solutions for humans, technology and nature.


    Hydroengineering projects have their roots in hydromechanical interdependencies. We provide professional and innovative solutions for all hydraulic and hydrodynamic issues. We offer customized recommendations for multiphase circuits, current-induced structural vibrations and specific hydraulic requirements. For your existing and planned objects, we provide structural and procedural optimizations.


    We evaluate catchment areas based on their hydrological conditions and establish high-water load curves as well as discharge and retention volumes, for which we employ well-proven computer models and dimensioning methods. In the field of flood protection measures, our staff has in-depth knowledge with respect to maintenance, land-use regulations and emergency structures. We develop solutions for integral flood protection in rural and municipal regions.


    For a comprehensive assessment of hydro engineering systems, all relevant parameters have to be considered. We have long-time, interdisciplinary experience in general and regional drainage planning as well as in mapping integral risks and hazards – which allows us to offer you highly sophisticated designs for water body management. We develop comprehensive current-status maps and carry out risk assessments and evaluations.


    Whenever water bodies should be assessed with respect to hydraulics, discharge or ecological issues – we are your partner. Our strengths lie in a combination of profound theoretical understanding of the relevant processes and many years of practical experience in implementation of the steps to be taken. Our expert teams are fully aware of the sophisticated demands on design and construction. It is self-evident that we feel highly responsible for the water bodies we work with. From strategical planning to design and up to implementation we offer you our services from one single source.