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    Inauguration of the 4th purification stage at the Tübingen waste water treatment plant


    The Tübingen sewage treatment plant is the first plant in the Neckar river basin to use ozonation as an cost-effective, climate-friendly and efficient process for micropollutant removal. After the sewage treatment plant in Eriskirch on Lake Constance, it is the second and largest plant in Baden Württemberg to use this technology.

    Besides wastewater from the Tübingen urban area, the plant, that is located in the city of Tübingen, will also treat wastewater from the Ammertal waste water association and from the districts of Mähringen and Immenhausen in the Kusterdingen community. The load on the system is currently 120,000 PE with a maximum mixed water inflow of 1,300 l/s.