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    Reinforcement in the leadership


    HOLINGER has grown significantly in recent years, both nationally and internationally, to currently employ around 650 people. The organisation was lagging behind in some areas and therefore some renewal was urgently needed. Furthermore, age-related changes were also an issue. In most locations, we have a long-term need for more skilled workers with specific competencies and skills. HOLINGER needs solid structures and a forward-looking, high-performing organisation needs to be put in place to achieve sustainable added-value in business and make the most of the opportunities innovation and digital transformation offer. Developing an organisation is never an easy process. I am happy to say that alongside our many other tasks and projects, we seem to be rising to the challenge, and changes are now being implemented.


    Andreas Borer is the new CEO and Group President of the HOLINGER Group.

    Markus Flory is the new CEO and Managing Director of HOLINGER Switzerland.

    Rolf Gartmann is the new Regional Manager for Northwestern Switzerland covering Liestal and Basel


    You can find more information in the media release.