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    First ozone plant in Baden-Württemberg in operation


    The wastewater treatment plant in Eriskirch, Baden-Württemberg, with a population equivalent (PE) of 50,000, took part in various long-term studies on micropollutants in the Schussen River between 2000 and 2015. The conclusion of the investigations was that the ozone process is the most suitable for the treatment of micropollutants: It eliminates 90 percent of all trace substances in wastewater and greatly reduces germ contamination.


    After the planning phase for the new treatment stage, preliminary work on the construction site began at the beginning of June 2018. This included the relocation of pipes, the securing of excavation pits and the provision of a vacuum water drainage system. On 2nd August 2018, the official ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the ozone system was held by the Minister of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg, Franz Untersteller.


    After completion of the construction, installation and electrical work, the ozone generators went into operation, treating wastewater with ozone for the first time, at the beginning of October 2019.