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     We are member of the following selected professional associations:

    • BGS
      Soil Science Society Switzerland
    • DWA
      German registered Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste
    • ICB
      Infocenter Berstlining e. V.
    • OAI
      Luxembourg Chamber of Architects and Engineers
    • SBV
      Swiss Wellmasters Association
    • SEF
      Swiss Excellence Forum
    • SVGW
      Swiss Association of Gas and Water Specialists
    • SVUT
      Swiss Association for Environmental Technology
    • SWP
      Swiss Water Partnership
    • USIC
      Swiss Federation of Consulting Engineers (members of FIDIC and EFCA)
    • VSA
      Swiss Wastewater and Water protection Professionals
    • VSS
      Swiss Association of Road and Transport Professionals