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    Year Sites and branches
    1933 Ingenieurbüro E. Holinger, Liestal founded
    1945 Aarau branch opened
    1950 Zurich branch opened
    1956 Berne branch opened
    1967 Acquisition by Motor Columbus Ingenieure AG and conversion to joint-stock company
    1983 Olten office opened
    1988 Environmental analysis laboratory in Aarau founded
    1989 Baden branch opened
    1992 Lucerne branch opened
    1993 Basel office opened
    1994 Merger with Geological Institute Dr. Schmassmann AG
    1996 HOLINGER SA, Luxembourg founded
    2000 Management Buy Out
    2002 Participation aqua-System AG, Winterthur
    2002 Lausanne office opened
    2002 HOLINGER Ing GmbH, Hohentengen founded
    2003 Zurich branch office moves to Winterthur
    2003 Schwyz office opened
    2004 Outsourcing environmental analysis laboratory and founding ENVILAB AG, Zofingen
    2007 Fusion of Künzler & Partner AG, Lucerne and WSA Ingenieure und Planer AG, Zurich
    2007 Frick office opened
    2008 Frauenfeld office opened
    2009 Küsnacht office opened
    2010 HOLINGER IC founded
    2010 Transfer of employees of the sewage Treatment plant Steinle Process Technology GmbH and founding of Steinle Ingenieure GmbH, Germany
    2011 Sole proprietorship H-Geol, Oberhofen Berne acquired
    2012 Merger of the companies Steinle Ingenieure GmbH and HOLINGER Ingenieure GmbH into HOLINGER Ingenieure GmbH, Germany
    2012 HOLINGER Ingenieure GmbH Germany: Chemnitz office opened
    2013 Integration of all the employees of Spring Ingenieure AG, Thun
    2013 Hünenberg (Zug) office opened
    2014 HOLINGER Ingenieure GmbH Germany: Dresden office opened
    2015 Acquisition of share majority of IBG AG, Volketswil
    2015 HOLINGER Ingenieure GmbH Germany: Trier office opened
    2016 Acquisition of TK Consult AG, Zurich
    2017 Chur office opened
    2018 Mendrisio office opened
    2018 Participation WETZEL + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany
    2018 Acquisition of CERT Ingénierie SA, Sion and Martigny
    2019 Stallikon office opened
    2019 HOLINGER Ingenieure GmbH Germany: Acquisition of HOL-ING Planungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg and Berlin